Saturday, January 28, 2012


Here comes Sean Paul!
The tracklist contains featured cameos from Kelly Rowland, Alexis Jordan, Ester Dean & DJ Ammo.

1. Got 2 Luv U (f/ Alexia Jordan)
2. She Doesn't Mind
3. Body
4. What I Want
5. Won't Stop (Turn Me Out)
6. Dream Girl
7. Hold On
8. How Deep Is Your Love (f/ Kelly Rowland)
9. Put It On You
10. Roll Wid Di Don
11. Touch the Sky (f/ DJ Ammo)
12. Wedding Crashers

Out favourites on the list are: Got 2 Luv U (with Alexis Jordan), She Doesn't Mind, Won't Stop (Turn Me Out), Hold On, How Deep It Your Love (with Kelly Rowland), Put It On You, Touch the Sky (with DJ Ammo), Wedding Crashers

Overall, we love the album! We think you readers should get it!

But, no tracks could beat the likes of:

Sean Paul, Alexia Jordan - Got 2 Luv U

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