Saturday, January 7, 2012


Nicki Minaj has got everyone raising their eyebrows and people talkin' that talk!
Recently, Nicki took to Twitter to announce something REALLY dope!

She tweeted: "Just got some heron from one of ur fave artists. In studio shakin my fuckin head head right now. WOW. Roman Reloaded" followed closely by "Yall will fcn spazz". And, retweeting to fer Barbz "Never worked w/ "them" b4."

Hmmm... Could she be using "them" to cover up "he/she"?

She also got the rumors bombin'. Her Barbz guessed the Queen GaGa, UK artist Jessie J, and momma-to-be Beyonce... But think about B, she's pregnant... So, B's out.

But there are some other people she never worked with, and are her fans fave... Including Stevie Wonder (who never worked with Nicki, but with Drake/Weezy), Katy Perry perhaps? (But, she recently divorced Russell Brand, would she head back to the studio so soon?), JLoPez or even the producers + their fame lady - The Cataracs + DEV?

Anyone is possible! Even though Nicki said that she would not feature anyone on the album, this is has gotta' be someone really outta this world to be in it!

Our guess are: BEP/Fergie, Queen GaGa, rapper-singer DEV or even Latino JLoPez!!!
Jessie J, Lady GaGa, DEV, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas

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