Saturday, January 14, 2012


Who wants a sweet slice of a sweet song?! WE DO!
Recently, RiRi took to Facebook to announce "Rihanna Navy! Who wants more "Birthday Cake"...looks like another slice may be coming your way!" with a link to iTunes directing users to the album. 

OMG! We so totally love/loving/LOVES "Birthday Cake" from Talk That Talk. The boo in the song? It's just an interlude, and it's too short!!! 

However, given the above comment by RiRi, it seems that the slice of "Birthday Cake" would be baked into a full song.

And, the producer The Dream also showed interest in adding more icing and decorations on the hit track, by saying "I was just talking to Rihanna about that, because she [originally] made [just] an interlude. I was like, 'Your fans are going to be so mad at you.' As soon as I said that, I got back, and I guess she released a piece of it, and they saw how long it is. Man, they tore me up on Twitter! So I hit her on the phone. I was like, 'Yo, your fans, they're going crazy on me right now, like I could make you do something.' So 'Birthday Cake' is on there. It's going to turn into a whole song because the fans are ganging up on me, and I don't want to be murdered by the Rihanna Navy!"

Come on RiRi!!! Put more icing on it!!! We wanna write names on that too!!!!

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