Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The year has ended... With great female domination!
Here are our list of top 12 women in music of 2011.

No. 12 goes to...

12) Kelly Rowland! The former member of Destiny's Child. She made her solo success with the Lil' Wayne-featured "Motivation".
Down for Whatever (feat. The WAV.s) - Kelly Rowland

11) Sh-sh-she must be Selena Gomez! Splashing the charts with "Who Says" + "Love you Like a Love Song".
Love you Like a Love Song - Selena Gomez & the Scene

10) Goes to newcomer DEV! Her dance hit, "In the Dark" made her more popular than "the G6 girl" she was.
In the Dark - DEV

9) Comeback for Demi Lovato! Her soaring successful single "Skyscraper" made her hit 2011 very well.
Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

8) Another comeback for Britney Spears! Sh-Sh-She gotta go-oh-oh all the way-ay-ay! Her new album after her greatest hits in 2009 showed that her comeback is quite as powerful as her name.
Criminal - Britney Spears

7) Hip hop star, and everyone's fav. NICKI MINAJ! Her hits "Super Bass" and "Fly" got her flying through the charts, with a lot of success since last year.
Fly (feat. Rihanna) - Nicki Minaj

6) Countdown of the best officially starts now! Starting with.. BEYONCE! Her album after her hiatus last year due to pressure has shown that she is still as capable to run the world...
Countdown - Beyonce

5) Oh na na! It's Rihanna... She founds love through her music as it is through the charts. Her latest album Talk That Talk got people talking that talk, and, rising up high in the charts.
We Found Love (feat. Calvin Harris) - Rihanna

4) Katy Katy Katy... It's non other than Katy Perry! She won her friend, Rihanna by one spot higher than RiRi... She blows everyone away with all her spectacular singles, "E.T.", "Firework", "Last Friday Night" & "the One that Got Away". Could she get higher as time goes by?
The One that Got Away - Katy Perry

3) Surprisingly, it's the queen GAGA! The queen was born to be in the top spot, with her wacky dance moves, and clothes. She always makes an unforgettable entrance, including in the charts with Born this Way!
Marry the Night - Lady GaGa

2) Sweet soul voice, ADELE!!! She was born to be rolling in the top spot since 2009, where she won her Grammys for new artist! And now, she got the haters chasing pavements for her success! 
Someone Like You - ADELE

1) It's... TAYLOR SWIFT! Our favourite voice, who speaks her mine (mind) about heart pains and break ups. It's no surprise Speak Now is such a favourite! Wait as Taylor fly up the charts once again with her upcoming album. 
Ours - Taylor Swift

That's our women of 2011!!!! Comment!

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