Sunday, December 11, 2011


Pop stars Ke$ha and Victorious star Ariana Grande have announced their friendship through the Twitterverse.

It's lovely to see how stars could get along these days. Everything could be shared easily through Twitter. Just like how Nicki Minaj show off her lip session with legend Madonna.

However, it's no surprise that Ke$ha and Ariana are friends! Ke$ha had appeared as guest musical artist on an episode called "Ice Cream for Ke$ha" in the season 2 of Victorious.

But, what's worth being shocked it the kissing of Madonna and Nicki Minaj during the set of "Give Me All Your Love". Madonna had most probably planted the lips as it is the MC's birthday. But, Nicki returned the favor by returning another kiss on the lips of the legend.

Twitter sure is a great way of sharing love!

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