Tuesday, March 13, 2012


The Queen has tweeted!
Hours earlier, Young Money Queen Nicki Minaj gave a further deed about her mysterious collaboration.

She tweeted: "So in addition to having "1 of my fave NY niggaz (who I've never worked with) on the album, I now have a Hip Hop LEGEND. WOW." followed by "A legend I've never worked w/before"

Apparently, there's not much NYC black rappers around, are there? We have guesses such as Pusha T, 50 Cent, Mos Def and maybe even her nemesis, Lil' Kim? What? Just because they have a longterm feud doesn't mean they couldn't end it off with a special collab? RiRi and Chris Brown did, too! 

Anyways, the guest has been rumored and speculated to be Jay-Z. Alongside her other collaborator for Roman Reloaded, people have been spreading that pop princess Britney Spears and her labelmates Drake and Lil' Wayne are gonna be featured! If BritBrit's true... We're gonna spaz!

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