Monday, March 26, 2012


DEV FINALLY releases her album in the US area!!!!
After waiting patiently for DEV's debut album, The Night the Sun Came Up in the US, DEV's 'baby goons' fans could finally get their piece of the post-pregnancy album!

With older tracks like "Breathe", "Shadow", "In my Trunk", "Me" and so forth, DEV added newer tracks like the Enrique Iglesias-featured "Naked" and the new Timbaland-featured "Don't Hurt It". In addition to the tracks, DEV also adds a digital booklet which consists of pictures of her and her The Night the Sun Came Up photoshoot.

After waiting for SO LONG, all we got are a few new tracks with an alternate tracklist. A remix that includes rapper Fabolous. And her latest sweet single, "Take Her From You" isn't in it!

1. Getaway
2. In my Trunk
3. Me
4. Naked Ft. Enrique Iglesias
5. Lightspeed
6. Breathe
7. Dancing Shoes
8. Perfect Match
9. In the Dark
10. Kiss My Lips Ft. Fabolous
11. Shadows
12. Don't Hurt It Ft. Timbaland
13. Bass Down Low Ft. The Cataracs (Canada only)

Our favorites: In My Trunk, Naked, Lightspeed, Dancing Shoes, Kiss My Lips, Don't Hurt It

Our ratings: ☆ (5/10) - Meh...

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