Thursday, March 29, 2012


2 of music's finest artists finally came together!
DEV and Enrique Iglesias! What a perfect match! The duo gets into a sensual and party-licious video with various locations. The producers of the track, The Cataracs made an appearance.

The bob-wigged diva known as DEV made a resemblance to fellow rapper Kreayshawn with a mole and her eyes. While DEV mingled with her girls in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas while drinking in a bar, the Latino hunk Enrique Iglesias plays with several girls in his exquisite hotel, and later goes into a casino, which he win lots.

Although they both find satisfaction in what they do, the duo felt unhappy. And, coincidentally, DEV met the Cataracs in the same bar as Enrique had his drink (after his games). The guilty pleasures ends when both of them entered the same lift when they left the bar, in where they exchange seductive glances.

Satisfy your guilty pleasures:

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