Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Demi Lovato releases her deluxe version of her 2011 hit album - Unbroken.
With collaborators such as Timbaland, DEV and Iyaz, Demi Lovato's album is sure to be a pop and dance album.

With dance tracks such as the Missy Elliott-featured "All Night Long" and the title track, "Unbroken" it still manages to hold a powerful message overall. With positive messages that are heartwarming and emotional, tracks like the Kerli-written "Skyscraper", "Fix a Heart" and "Lightweight", it manages to touch our heart like how it did for Demi.

Other tracks such as "Hold Up" and "Give Your Heart a Break", the rock and older side of Demi (Don't Forget). The sweetest track, "For the Love of a Daughter" speaks of Demi against her drunkard and abusive father with strong ballads and emotional lyrics. Another touching track, "Mistake" showcases Demi with her pop-ubran-ballad side of her self.

With the Iyaz-featured "You're My Only Shorty" and the Timbaland-produced, Jason Derulo-assisted "Together", the guests are proven to be the right ones. DEV also sends a chilling and yet awesome power verse of hers in the Ryan Tedder-produced "Who's That Boy". Ariana Grande also sang as original demo for "You're My Only Shorty".

Our favourites: All Night Long, Who's That Boy, You're My Only Shorty, Lightweight, Unbroken, Hold Up, Mistake, Give Your Heart a Break, Skyscraper, In Real Life

Our ratings: ☆ (8/10) - Lovely!

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